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What Is Majaka?

The question from most new visitors to Majaka Yoga… what is "majaka?" Majaka is
a Hindi word meaning "fun". Yoga is an exercise of self-discipline and self-control,
and yoga should be motivating and fun.

Most of us have learned that the practice of yoga promotes physical health and the well being of the mind. The mind and body respond to yoga in a positive way. It is an exercise that decreases stress and enables us to enjoy life with greater focus.

But why is this?

Most people have little time in their lives to slow down. We have work pressure, family pressure, and a dynamic range of responsibilities. Where do we find the time to do the things that we enjoy and bring us peace of mind? The fact is…
we don't. We don't find time to slow down; we make the time to slow down. This is where a commitment to a fun yoga routine can help.

Yoga is a means to slowing down and giving due attention to your body and mind. Life is full of external factors to which our minds and bodies respond to with various degrees of stress. As human beings, our stress increases when:

• Our jobs are demanding

• Responsibilities and commitments consume our time and energy

• We place higher value on the tasks in our lives than we do on our health and well being

As a result of the demands we place on ourselves respectively, we accept and endure the negative effects of stress, which can range from the physical (fatigue, heart disease, poor eating habits) to and unsettled mind (depression, anxiety, a sense of losing of control).

As a discipline that reduces the effects of external stress, yoga has therapeutic effects in:

• Improved mood and decreased anxiety

• Alleviating depression

• Alleviating physical pain

• Improving breathing control

Majaka yoga currently specializes in the Vinyasa method, which is the practice of asanas (poses) that are combined with controlled, synchronized-breathing. Vinyasa method is reminiscent of the Zen practice of zazen, the latter a practice that was developed in my home country of Japan. Vinyasa poses move gracefully in a flow that is elegant, natural, and beautiful. The practice is elating, and the classes are fun. Please come and join us!