Lumi's Profile

My name is Lumi, the owner and primary trainer of Majaka Yoga Studio. I was born in Tokyo, Japan and spent the years of my youth in the Osaka area. In contrast to my life in the States, my years in Osaka were characterized by tall buildings, neon lights, and the pace of modernity. As in other metropolitan areas, many of the people of Osaka live their lives in haste toward personal success and professional excellence… taking no time to enjoy natural serenity and quiet moments. Sound familiar?

I grew up in the center of Osaka's concrete jungle, which was a far cry from the picture-postcard landscapes that many people associate with Japan. I would escape to a place called Arashiyama (嵐山) in Kyoto, which is one of Japan's most historical places. In Arashiyama, there are an abundance of ancient Buddhist temples, the world's most famous zen gardens, and a bamboo forest where time stands still. Walking in the natural beauty of the bamboo was my serenity… and it was the place where I learned the value of quiet moments, calming my mind down, and making the time to be in the moment.

I moved to the US to study, and was one of the top graduates in my class. I worked in the nutrition segment of hospital-based healthcare, and was given a wide margin of creative liberty for developing my career. But as in most industries, the pressure to be the best began to affect my health. I began to feel increased anxiety and negative pressure from my external circumstances. My regular kickboxing workout was not reducing my stress. I needed to find the peace I had known in Arashiyama… a place where I could focus on the internal environment where I responded to the external pressures.

This was around the time when I discovered Bikram Yoga… and I was immediately drawn to the familiar sense of calm that I had experienced during my sojourns to Kyoto. My instructor in Bikram disciplined me to perfect the postures and to achieve my focus and balance. The yoga studio became my second home. While I was in the studio, I lived in the moment… and nothing else. In this pursuit of perfecting the Bikram technique, my instructor introduced me to Vinyasa yoga and Power Yoga, which became the inspiration to transition my career from healthcare to full-time yoga practitioner. After much consideration, I left my career in healthcare and pursued intense, Vinyasa yoga training. I met seasoned yoga teachers, who were pivotal in perfecting my skill. Without regret or looking back, I transitioned myself from a busy, stressed-out working professional to a full-time yoga specialist, and I live life with the vision of bringing the peace of Arashiyama to others in small portions, one class at a time.